Cat Ppalu, a 65’ sailing catamaran, offers a leisurely 6 night liveaboard adventure inparadise. Each Saturday, she sets sail from Nassau, Bahamas to the Exuma Islands. Popularwith families and small groups, consider the Cat Ppalu your very own floating bed and breakfast with a captain and crew at your service. The journey will take you to scuba dive pristine walls, vibrant reefs, exciting swift drifts and blue holes! Enjoy the gin clear waters of the central Bahamas and visit excellent snorkeling sites, kayak the cays and inlets, explore the many uninhabited islands and beaches, and even fish for big game! Your trip on Cat Ppalu includes open bar and all beverages, all meals, water sports and diving are included in the price..

Getting There, Passports & Visa Documentation:

All travelers to the Bahamas need a passport. As you arrive into Nassau Airport you will clear Bahamas Customs & Immigration. Be sure your plane ticket matches your documentation. Check with the Bahamas Embassy for visa requirements if you are not a U.S. citizen. U.K. Embassies act on behalf of the Bahamas as well. As you depart Nassau at the end of your trip, you will clear U.S. Customs & Immigration before arriving at your departure gate. Please plan extra time to check in for your flight home.


The Cat Ppalu docks at the Nassau Harbour Club Marina on East Bay Street, right across from the Starbucks. The ride is approximately 30-40 minutes from the airport to the dock. It is not that far but slow down, Mon! You are on island time now. If you need ground transfers while in Nassau, we can assist. You can make the ground transfer arrangements online or call our office at least 7 days prior to your departure. The cost is $18.00 per person per leg. Taxis are readily available at the airport too.

Cat Ppalu Checklist:

• CLOTHING AND PERSONAL ITEMS TO BRING: Space is limited on Cat Ppalu and the islands we visit are very casual. Several bathing suits, shorts, long pants, several t-shirts, blouse/shirt and wind breaker all packed in soft luggage. Also a hat, deck shoes, sandals, suntan lotion (non-oil), lip balm and sunglasses. In winter, sweatshirts or sweaters are advisable. Personal items such as aspirin and decongestants.

If you plan on diving or snorkeling:
• SNORKEL VEST (For Snorkeling - not required but recommended)
• REGULATOR WITH SUBMERSIBLE PRESSURE GAUGE * ** (Rental regulators have octopus and pressure and depth gauges)
• DEPTH GAUGE OR COMPUTER * (Our rental regulators have depth gauges)
• WETSUIT (Between fall and spring, a wetsuit is recommended) **
• 2 DIVE LIGHTS (Required for night dives: a dive light plus a backup dive light, a non-strobing marker light or a chemical light stick (cyalume)) **
• CHEMICAL LIGHT STICK OR SUITABLE SUBSTITUTE (Required for night dives, may be purchased on board)
• MOTION SICKNESS MEDICINE (Medication should be brought along in the event we encounter rough weather.)
• TOWELS (We provide three towels. If you would like more towels or a beach towel, you should bring them with you.)
• SPENDING MONEY (for the night ashore, souvenirs and crew tip, 15% is recommended and can be given to the Captain at the end of the week)
• DIVING EQUIPMENT SUPPLIED: Tanks and weight belts
• ITEMS TO LEAVE AT HOME: ILLEGAL DRUGS, SPEAR GUNS AND BANGSTICKS (Spearfishing is allowed in the Bahamas only with a Hawaiian sling or pole spear and NOT while using scuba, snorkeling only)

*Required for scuba diving
**Available for rent with prior arrangements
+ The Exuma Cays offers many opportunities to go ashore and explore and enjoy the uninhabited beaches. For these occasions, we highly recommend proper footwear for these eco adventures. Flip flops are not suitable. We suggest water shoes or TEVA type sandals. Sneakers are fine but they might get wet!