About Amun ini

“Amun ini” Means “this is ours” In The Ilonggo Dialect and when you stay at Amun ini Resort in Bohol, this becomes yours too…your home away from home. Have a look at our picture gallery below and what our guests think of Amun ini on TripAdvisor reviews. Whether you’re simply lazing away at the beach – our private white-sand beach cove-, exploring a nearby dive site, or enjoying a sumptuous meal at our restaurant, you will always feel at home at Amun ini.

Resort Highlights

Amun ini is set on a three-hectare beachfront property located in the municipality of Anda, Bohol, Philippines. This beach resort in Bohol is accessible from either Manila or Cebu City, the two major points of entry to the Philippines from many countries. Built to provide a fantastic view of a crystal clear blue sea that boasts of a 15 kilometer long coral reef, Amun ini offers endless attractions for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts

This is where the pristine 300-meter white-sand beach meets the sparkling clear blue sea and bordered with lush verdant hills. A perfect fusion of the traditional and modern setting, Amun ini resort in Bohol creates an unforgettable island experience. Since 2012, our guests have enjoyed the quality of service provided by our dedicated staff, welcoming and always helpful, with traditional Filipino warmth.

Adventure and Tranquility

The adventurous guest has a choice of water activities ranging from scuba diving and snorkeling to kayaking and paddle boarding. We can arrange mountain bike trips for those who wish to explore the surrounding hills and villages. Our spa and the peaceful and isolated rural setting provide an unparalleled relaxing experience. Our Anda resort offers peace and solitude, key ingredients to escape the hectic and stressful city life.

Resort accommodations give the feel of an island paradise that extends into all 16 rooms of Amun ini’s two cogon thatched roof longhouses. Each room at Amun ini is approximately 60 sqm, is provided with air-conditioning and large floor to ceiling picture windows. You will also get the feeling that you are part of the great expanse of nature surrounding the resort. At the same time, our blackout curtains allow you to sleep in relative darkness until you decide it’s time to get up and see beautiful Bohol.

Infinity Pool

Nestled above the white sand beach, overlooking the clear blue waters of Bohol Sea with Camiguin Island at the horizon, our kidney-shaped infinity pool gives a relaxing view. Laze on one of the “sploungers” that are immersed into the ankle-deep waters of the pool’s first step or relax on a lounging chair laid out on a small patch of green at the poolside.